Monday, January 3, 2011

152. Carnival Beauties: ASCENSION GAVIOLA, 1926 Miss Bohol

BOHOLANDIA'S BET: Miss Ascension Gaviola, the first titled queen of Bohol and candidate to the 1926 quest for the first Miss Philippines.

The first Miss Bohol, Ascension Gaviola, was born in the rustic and historic town of Jagna in Bohol. Ascension competed against over 20 delegates for the first Miss Philippines title, a much-awaited highlight of the 1926 Manila Carnival. It was a great experience for a country belle like her, but once she went back to Bohol, she ended up becoming Mrs. Llido.

In October 2006, she was one of the 141 illustrious sons and daughters of Jagna who earned honors and achieved their goals in their own respective fields of endeavor.

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