Monday, March 18, 2013

241. Carnival Beauties:PACITA RODRIGUEZ, Candidate, Miss Philippines 1930

PRETTY PACITA. Sampaguita -sponsored Pacita Rodriguez strikes a pose for her official 1930 Manila Carnival photo.

1930 was a most competitive year for the Miss Philippines quest of the annual Manila Carnival. Major publications, Chinese newspapers and even university publications named their own candidates to the search for the country’s fairest.

Towards the homestretch, 15 top contenders remained, headed by the eventual winner, Consuelo Acuña, supported by no less than 3 papers—Taliba, La Vanguardia and La Defensa. Not far behind were Estrella Alvarez (The Independent Intelligencer), Luz Villaluna (Excelsior) and Rosario Zorilla (The Philippine Herald) who finished in 2nd, 3rd and 4th places respectively. 

Rounding out the Top 15 were two candidates sponsored by two Chinese papers(Pua Ya Jueng and Liong Ngo Kim). Virginia Lejarde, Elisa Dalmacio, Violeta Lopez, Corazon Campos, Lourdes Aunario, Pilar Liwanag, Eladia Eugenio, Loreto Zapanta and the winsome Pacita Rodriguez who was the bet of the Manila daily, Sampaguita.

Monday, March 4, 2013


Alicia Cabarrus de Santos was the original Miss Luzon in the court of Maria Kalaw, 1931 Miss Philippines. She had also reigned as the Queen of Charity in her teenage years. At the Manila Carnival, the popular socialite was leading all the way when Kalaw overtook her with a deluge of votes, in the final minutes of the contest.

Declaring foul play, de Santos resigned her post, which Lina Araullo assumed. She remained unperturbed after her not-so-pleasant Carnival experience; her family, in fact, continued to support the Carnival. In the next year’s festivities. Alicia’s doctor-brother, Arturo de Santos, provided escorting duties to Queen Emma Zamora. On 29 August 1934, Alicia married Dr. Octavio L. Maloles at lavish ceremonies held at the Santo Espiritu Church. They had a son, Octavio II.