Wednesday, January 22, 2014

273. Queen of the 1929 Negros Oriental Carnival: VICTORINA ANTONIO

 V FOR VICTORY. Queen Victorina I, the fair queen of Negros, as she looked at her coronation night.

In 1929, Negros Oriental held a provincial fair to celebrate their foundation day and to mark their prosperity and progress, primarily driven by their sugar industry. Chosen to reign as was the lovely Victorina Antonio. As Queen of the Negros Oriental Carnival Fiesta, she ruled over 70,000 people for two week of festivities.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


FULFILLING HER DUTIES. Pacita de los Reyes, queen-elect of the 1929 Manila Carnival, is feted at the 1929 Iloilo Carnival.

Miss Philippines of 1929, Pacita delos Reyes, was honored at the Iloilo Carnival in La Paz, Iloilo. Forming her court are members of the younger set of the Iloilo and Negros “Four Hundred”. Pacita’s September visit was auspicious as a few months later, she was succeeded by a young Ilongga beauty, Consuelo Acuña, 1930 Miss Philippines.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

271. Carnival Beauties: CARMEN REESE, 1923 Baguio Carnival Princess

REESE AND FAMOUS. Mestiza-beauty, Carmen Reese of Baguio was part of the royal retnue of the Baguio Carnival of 1923.

Carmen Reese was a princess in the court of Queen Martina Salming, the reigning royal of the 1923 Baguio Carnival. Six years later, with her beauty in full bloom, Carmen was named as among Baguio’s candidates to the annual “Filipina Beautiful” of the Philippine Free Press. Other entrants were Adela Romero, Corazon Custodio and Rosita Moldero. Moldero, a Kalinga beauty from Labuangan, eventully clinched the 1929 Miss Luzon title of the prestigious newspaper contest.