Thursday, November 28, 2013


TEA WITH MRS. TEAHAN.Miss Philippines 1933 Engracia Laconico as an official guest of Malacanang resident, Marguerite Teaha, sister of the incumbent Governor General and considered First Lady of the land.

Engracia Laconico, 1933 Miss Philippines, is shown with Mrs. Marguerite M. Teahan, sister of Philippine Gov. General Frank Murphy. Murphy took many of his relatives to the Philippines when he came over to serve as Governor-General (and later, High Commissioner) from 1933-1936. These include his brother, George, sister-in-law Irene Ellis Murphy, and Marguerite, who helped him in the many ceremonial functions of his office.

Marguerite was married to William Teahan (m. 2 June 1931), who became and advisor to Frank, The couple had an adopted daughter, Mary Aurora, named after Pres. Manuel L. Quezon's wife, Aurora Aragon.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A MODEL OF GOOD FASHION SENSE. 1934 Miss Philippines, Clarita Tan Kiang of Marilao, Bulacan, endorses Genuine Indian Head Cloth in this Graphic Magazine print ad.

In later Carnival years (1933-39), the fair was kept alive with funding from various corporate sponsors that included big departments stores, cosmetic companies, among others. As such, part of the duties that the Manila Carnival winners performed was to appear on print ads as endorsers of the products of said sponsors.

1934 Miss Philippines, Clarita Tan Kiang appeared on one such ad for Genuine Indian Head Fabrics, a staple cotton introduced by Americans that was part of everyday life of Filipinos for over a century. Indian Head was first introduced in 1831 as high-quality, sturdy, rough-texture muslin brown cloth. Its sturdiness and quality became world famous and was even used as a medium of exchange for bartering in the Philippines.

In this print ad published on Graphic Magazine, Miss Tan Kiang gives her personal testimony of the merits  of this linen-textured cloth, affixing her signature--not unlike print ads of today endorsed by contemporary personalities, proof that even today, the pulling power of celebrities works on Filipino consumers.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

265. Carnival Pageant: TRIUMPH OF EROS AT THE U.P.

 NIGHT OF NIGHTS. Student participants of the highly-acclaimed show "Triumph of Eros" pose for a picture at the Carnival Auditorium after wowing the crowds of the 1929 Manila Carnival.

The most elaborate pageants and productions were staged during the 1929 Manila Carnival, at the croronation of the queen, Pacita de los Reyes, the official delegate of the University of the Philippines, College of Law.

Officials of the state university pulled out all the stops for their triumphant representative, toasting her coronation with magnificent spectacles and themed shows. There was a show with a "Pearl of the Orient" theme, another that was virtually a dance fest, participated in by Physical Education students.

One particular presentation stood out, however, entitled "Trumph of Eros", a pageant directed by Prof. Bartolome and Miss Francisca Reyes, which had a Grecian theme. It was staged at the Carnival Auditorium on 8 February 1934, and drew raves from the Carnival crowd, eliciting considerable applause, as newspapers reported.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


 MINDA MORAS. Angelina Biunas, who was Miss Mindanao in the court of 1933 Miss Philippines, Engracia Laconico, as a special guest of the Philippine Red Cross.

Miss Mindanao 1933,  18 year old Angelita "Nina" Biunas, makes a personal appearance at a special charity event of the Philippine Red Cross with Marita Ubaldo. She is the daughter of Victor Biunas and Pilar Tronqued. The Philippine Red Cross organizing fund-raising events that included the selection of Miss Charity, in prestigious pageants that drew participation of high society belles. One of the oldest support institutions in the country, it was conceived as early as 1899 by Apolinario Mabini. The Philippine branch of the American Red Cross was established in 1905. Post-Carnival, Nina married businessman Melo Alonso.