Wednesday, January 23, 2013

237. Carnival Wedding: MAURICIO-CUENCA NUPTIALS (1934 Miss Visayas)

Marcelina Cuenca was a former Miss Manila and The Philippine Free Press' representative to the  1934 search for Miss Philippines. She won Miss Visayas (3rd place) after Luisa Laconico (Miss Luzon) and Clarita Tan Kiang (1934 Miss Philippines). A year after the contest, she wed Dr. Conrado Mauricio on 16 June 1935. Shown along with the newlyweds in this picture are: L-R: Lourdes Mauricio (bridesmaid), Julita Cuaderno (maid of honor) and Dr. Leon Ma. Guerrero Jr. (Best Man).

Sunday, January 13, 2013

236. Carnival Memento: 1908 SOUVENIR PORTRAIT

A 1908 souvenir photo of a young carnival visitor by the name of Mary Helen. The dedication at the back reads: "Mary Helen and I attended the Carnival last evening. Be well. Albert.". It is addressed to a certain Mris. Robeson of Seattle, Washington, postmartked 4 March 1908, from Manila. The oval picture of Mary Helen in sepia was taken separately then pasted on a window on the postcard, that features the famous light tower that lit the Carnival grounds. Photo studio booths made good business taking snaps of Carnival scenes and revelers, making for good souvenirs of the country's national fair.