Tuesday, January 11, 2011

155. Carnival Beauties: LUZ S. BESA, 1927 Miss Tarlac

WIN OR LUZ. Luz Besa, the second beauty to hold the title of Miss Tarlac, married her escort, Engr. Arturo Ilagan, and led a long and fruitful life.

In the Manila Carnival of 1927, Tarlac was represented by the beautiful Luz Besa, (b. 7 November 1907/d. 2002) daughter of Tomas Besa Sr. and Fabiana Salak. Her father passed away when Luz and her siblings were still young, so her mother was left to run the family’s rice and palay business. Luz had an only sister, Lourdes (died of TB during WWII) and 4 brothers: Tomas Jr. (lawyer) , Gualberto (agriculturist), Augusto (orthopedic surgeon) and Gaudencio (judge).

Luz went to the Philippine Women’s University for her schooling. At the local pageant, she was escorted by Engr. Arturo Ilagan from Gerona, Tarlac. After the contest in Manila, Luz was avidly pursued by her engineer-escort for the next 7 years.

Eventually, the two got married and settled in Tarlac, where they operated the Tarlac Ice Plant while raising a brood of 7 children: Eddie, Hernan, Arturo Jr., Mina, Cynthia, Josefina and Ofelia. She lived to celebrate her golden wedding anniversary and passed away in 2002.


ElizabethQ said...

Alex, great write up. Thanks for doing this for our family!

Alex D.R. Castro said...

I couldn't have written this without your help, Betty Ann. Dakal a salamat!

store said...

Interesting story and a lovely woman.

LTCKK said...

Dacal pong salamat Coyang Alex.
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Linda Alcantara Rabbito said...

Interesting Article about the Mom of my good friend at St. Paul College Manila - Ofelia Ilagan, youngest daughter of
Arturo and Luz Ilagan. I was wondering if there is a way I could connect with Ofelia. We lost touch with one another for a good number of years now and it would be so nice to communicate with her again. My email is linda@trutone.ca I would appreciate any help you can extend to me in finding my dear friend Ofelia. Linda Alcantara Rabbito, Toronto, Canada.