Wednesday, March 7, 2012

207. Carnival Beauties: MARTHA ADDUAN MADDELA, 1926 Miss Nueva Vizcaya

VIZ GANDA. Nueva Vizcayas' very first miss, Martha Adduan Maddela, was the only known Vizcayanon beauty ever to compete in the Manila Carnival search for Miss Philippines.

The first and only Miss Nueva Vizcaya to compete in the Manila Carnival's first Miss Philippines quest of 1926 was Martha Adduan Maddela, daughter of Vicente Bacani Maddela and Mauricia Adduan. The Maddela children also included Juan, Carmen, and Felix Ricardo.

In her later years, Martha married Juan Flores, with whom she had the following children, namely Philip, Carlos, Domingo, Teddy, Miling and Lourdes.

The Maddelas are an old family from Nueva Vizcaya who settled in the capital municipality of Bayombong. Tomas Maddela was its town mayor in 1945. Today, a town named after the Maddelas can be found in the province of Quirino, which used to be a forest region of Nueva Vizcaya.

206. Carnival Beauties: NITA SAN AGUSTIN, 1926 Miss Tayabas

TAYABA-SCENE STEALER. Nita San Agustin, the first and only known Miss Tayabas to participate in the Miss Philippines search of the Manila Carnivals.

Tayabas used to be a large province, which once included Marinduque, that has since been established as a separate province in 1920. Still, Tayabas enjoyed a primary status in the country, thanks largely to its most famous native son, Manuel Luis Quezon, born in Baler in 1878, and who, in 1906 became the governor of the province.

In 1926, the year that the first Miss Philippines search was launched, Tayabasin official handpicked their first and only delegate to the national pageant in Manila, the beautiful Nita San Agustin.

The San Agustins were one of the oldest families of Tayabas, and some prominent members of the family included Hermana Fausta Labrador , the founder of Sacred Heart College in Lucena, whose original surname was San Agustin. Another well-known relative was the pioneer printer, Justino San Agustin (b. 19 Apr. 1886/d. 16 May 1948), a former sacristan of Sto. Domingo Church in Intramuros, who learned the art of printing at the Asilo de Huerfanos in Malabon. He owned printing shops in Lucena and in Kamuning and became quite successful.

Another influential relation was Primitivo San Agustin, the governor of Tayabas in 1911, who had strong ties with Pres. Manuel L. Quezon, becoming his private secretary. Later, from 1925-1928, Primitivo also served as a representative of the province at the 7th Philippine Legislature.

From this distinguished clan came the 1st and only Miss Tayabas--Nita San Agustin. She was one of the most photographed beauties when she arrived in Manila for the Carnival festivities. Despite her credentials and connections, Nita did not place in the finals. Not much is known of her, post-Carnival years. But Tayabasins need not wait long for their very own Miss Philippines; the next year, Luisa Fernandez Marasigan of Gumaca successfully won the crown, although she wore the Miss Manila sash, being a Manila student at that time.

In 1949, Tayabas was renamed as the province of Quezon, in honor of its most illustrious son,our 2nd president, and the 1st President of the Philippine Commonwealth.