Monday, April 16, 2012

210. Carnival Beauties: SOL JALANDONI SORIANO, 1927 Miss Surigao

O SOL MIO. Sol Soriano, the 1927 Miss Surigao, was the daughter of Atty. Francisco Soriano and Rosario Jalandoni of Iloilo. Her father served as the provincial fiscal of Surigao, and member of the 1st Philippine Assembly representing Surigao and Misamis.

The first Miss Surigao was selected only in 1927 with the crowning of Sol Jalandoni Soriano, a most worthy representative of the province to the 2nd National Beauty Contest of the Manila Carnival. None were more elated than her fellow Surigaonons who knew of her distinguished lineage and stature in their society.

Sol was born on 28 July 1905 to Francisco Soriano, a lawyer, and Rosario Jalandoni. Her parents both come from prominent families from Iloilo. During the Philippine Revolution, her father was named Secretary – General of the federal government of the Visayas. He moved his family to Surigao when he was appointed as the provincial fiscal of Surigao in 1901, and of Surigao and Misamis from 1902 to 1907. He relinquished this post when he ran successfully for the First Philippine Assembly as delegate for Surigao under the Progresista Party.

Sol, whose unique name means “sun”, was a bright presence at the Manila Carnival contest and she was expected to perform well. The title, however, went to Miss Manila, Luisa Marasigan. Nonetheless, a bigger title awaited her the next year with her marriage to her beau, Carlos Soriano on 29 December 1928. Carlos, the son of Leonardo Soriano and Joaquina Ganzon, could have even be her relative. The couple had an only child, Leonardo, born on 12 March 1933.

Indeed, Surigaonons must have felt very proud with the way their very own Sol captivated Manila with her beauty, charm and achievements. In 1929, the province was inspired to organize its first and only petit carnival, sponsored by local government bureaus. The first and only known Miss Surigao passed away on 16 September 1947, at age 42.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

209. Carnival Beauties: PACITA LEGARDA, 1927 Miss Binondo

BINONDO BEAUTY. Pacita Binondo as the 1927 Miss Binondo, competed for the title of 1927 Miss Manila and emerged as a runner-up to Luisa Marasigan.

In 1927, Manila conducted an area-wide search for their bet to the 2nd national search for Miss Philippines. Local officials of each district (e.g. Tondo, Sta. Cruz, Malate, Sampaloc, Quiapo, etc.) were encouraged to name their own beauty bet. Binondo was represented by the well-connected Pacita Legarda, who wore the Miss Binondo sash at the national finals.

True enough, Pacita finished in the top 3, along with Salud Austria and the winner, a provinciana beauty from Tayabas studying at the Centro Escolar de Señoritas, Luisa Marasigan.

208. Carnival Beauties: REMEDIOS RAMA, 1929 Miss Philippines Candidate

CEBUAN-o-RAMA AT THE CARNIVAL. U.P. coed Remedios Rama in her official picture as the candidate of Daily Bulletin to the 1929 Miss Philippines search, won by schoolmate Pacita de los Reyes.

Remedios Rama comes from the well-known Rama family of politicians and writers of Cebu, Cebu. A direct relative, Vicente Rama, "the father of Cebu City", was a senator, assemblyman and a mayor of Cebu during the Commonwealth years.

Remedios was a student at the College of Education, University of the Philippines when she was prevailed upon by the Daily Bulletin to be their official candidate to the Miss Philippines queenship of the 1929 Manila Carnival, a title won by her schoolmate and law student, Pacita de los Reyes.