Thursday, November 20, 2008


THE 1920 CARNIVAL AUDITORIUM. All the attendant ceremonies of the Carnival were held here, including the royal coronation of the winning Oriental and Occidental Queens.

In 1919, countries were still reeling from the terrible effects of the World War which had ended in 1918. In this time of rebuilding, austerity was the order of the day. But with the looming of a new decade, it was but appropriate to mount a Carnival to celebrate the ‘victory of democracy” in the first world war, however belated. Hence in 1920, the Manila Carnival was also dubbed as the “Victory Carnival and Exposition”.

FLOATS..AND MORE FLOATS. The Victory Carnival of 1920 is known for its record-breaking number of floats that participated in the street parade. Commercial and government bureaus were represented by beautiful car floats like these.

The resumption of the Carnival in 1920 was a cause for jubilation, and that year’s edition was bigger than any ever held before World War I. marked with a record number of floats, the most varied and fabulous in the Carnival’s history.

GAIETY AT THE GATE. A view of the crowd that flocked the gate of the 1920 Manila Carnival.

BEAUTIES ON PARADE. Victory Day was marked by street parades featuring beautiful ladies atop decorated carrozas such as this.

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