Monday, February 8, 2010

104. Fantasmagoria on Wheels: CARNIVAL FLOATS, II

The Bureau of Education was classic, elegant. The Arts and Science were shown. The Customs float had a pink and gold color motif.

The Philippine Constabulary float was presided by a Queen of Peace, seated beneath a Roman Arch.

The Meralco had a large float. Lightning was held in the hands of a man, who was followed by a crowd representing all nations. It featured lots of special effects, including lightning that zigzagged all over the float. Beneath a huge globe of electric light sat the Queen of Electricity.

The Elks Club had large flowers, pink and yellow. On the front side was the head of “Alce”.

Sprungli & Co. had a bear drinking the Swiss milk, “Oso”.

Walter E. Olsen & Co. was represented with two grand floats. The first showed Jose Rizal cigars with the bust of the national hero presented as a centerpiece, flanked by two handsome urns. A maiden held aloft a banner proclaiming the "King of Cigars".

The Egyptian Cigarette float came next, with two Egyptian Sphinxes up front. Behind, a group of Nubian black beauties relax with their cigarettes in a harem tent, flanked by crescent moons and stars. This float was adjudged the “Most Artistic”.

Hike Shoes showed a globe, with a huge shoe on top of it, by McGrath. The float merited quite a lot of attention.

McCullough and Company showed the Queen of the Arts, and was seen as one of the most beautiful, what with a bevy of beauties “in graceful attitudes”, atop the float.

W. H. Anderson & Co. showed barrels of Green Barrel cement. There was a massive effect on top of short pillars.

Clarke had a small portable shop of sweets, with small white children filling themselves with them.

Castle Bros. Wolf & Sons had the symbolic horn of plenty, spilling out an assortment of imported goods like pickles and meats, arranged artistically while a Filipina beauty stood in the foreground.

Germinal Cigar Company had “dainty maidens on tiptoe flingin to the breeze the banner announcing the name of the firm, with a little mite standing in the foreground, smiling and waving to the public.”

La Rosa Cigarette Factory carried its emblem, a giant rose just about to bloom, with 3 little maidens coming out of the flower, a most pleasing scene.

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