Tuesday, November 19, 2013


A MODEL OF GOOD FASHION SENSE. 1934 Miss Philippines, Clarita Tan Kiang of Marilao, Bulacan, endorses Genuine Indian Head Cloth in this Graphic Magazine print ad.

In later Carnival years (1933-39), the fair was kept alive with funding from various corporate sponsors that included big departments stores, cosmetic companies, among others. As such, part of the duties that the Manila Carnival winners performed was to appear on print ads as endorsers of the products of said sponsors.

1934 Miss Philippines, Clarita Tan Kiang appeared on one such ad for Genuine Indian Head Fabrics, a staple cotton introduced by Americans that was part of everyday life of Filipinos for over a century. Indian Head was first introduced in 1831 as high-quality, sturdy, rough-texture muslin brown cloth. Its sturdiness and quality became world famous and was even used as a medium of exchange for bartering in the Philippines.

In this print ad published on Graphic Magazine, Miss Tan Kiang gives her personal testimony of the merits  of this linen-textured cloth, affixing her signature--not unlike print ads of today endorsed by contemporary personalities, proof that even today, the pulling power of celebrities works on Filipino consumers.

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