Wednesday, November 13, 2013

265. Carnival Pageant: TRIUMPH OF EROS AT THE U.P.

 NIGHT OF NIGHTS. Student participants of the highly-acclaimed show "Triumph of Eros" pose for a picture at the Carnival Auditorium after wowing the crowds of the 1929 Manila Carnival.

The most elaborate pageants and productions were staged during the 1929 Manila Carnival, at the croronation of the queen, Pacita de los Reyes, the official delegate of the University of the Philippines, College of Law.

Officials of the state university pulled out all the stops for their triumphant representative, toasting her coronation with magnificent spectacles and themed shows. There was a show with a "Pearl of the Orient" theme, another that was virtually a dance fest, participated in by Physical Education students.

One particular presentation stood out, however, entitled "Trumph of Eros", a pageant directed by Prof. Bartolome and Miss Francisca Reyes, which had a Grecian theme. It was staged at the Carnival Auditorium on 8 February 1934, and drew raves from the Carnival crowd, eliciting considerable applause, as newspapers reported.

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