Friday, February 22, 2013

239. Crowning Moment: CONSUELO VILLAMOR, Miss Mindanao 1934

SEE YOU IN COURT. The official coronation picture of Miss Mindanao 1934, Consuleo Villamor, with her own retinue of beauties in regal Muslim costumes. She is escorted by her brother, Domiciano.

The tradition of having separate coronation nights for the princesses of Miss Philippines began in 1929, with the election of Pacita de los Reyes of U.P. Not only was the new Miss Philippines given her own Coronation Night, but there were also separate affairs for Miss Luzon, Miss Visayas and Miss Mindanao, which were no less fabulous.

The picture above shows the crowning moment of Abra beauty, Consuelo Villamor (b.1911/ d. 2009), who was Miss Mindanao in the court of 1934 Miss Philippines, Clarita Tan Kiang. True to the title she won, her whole court came in signature Muslim costumes. One of her attendants was Evelina Kalaw, sister of Miss Philippines 1931, Maria Kalaw. Consuelo is shown here with her Prince Consort, Domiciano Villamor, her brother.

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