Monday, February 11, 2013

238. Carnival Beauties: ELVIRA MANALO, 1927 Miss Palawan

PANALO SI MANALO.  Elvira Manalo, Miss Palawan of 1927, was just the 3rd Palawan beauty to represent her province at the Manila Carnival search for Miss Philippines.

1924 was a very good year for the province of Palawan and its people, for it was in this year that a beautiful Palaweña from Cuyo, captured the prestigious Manila Carnival Queen crown. Trinidad Fernandez was also different from the winning beauties she succeeded, for she was no high society girl—she belonged to the working class, and her victory gave new meaning and purpose to the beauty title.

 It was evident that hers was a tough act to follow; Trinidad was succeeded by her sister, Carmen Fernandez in 1926, but failed to advance in the finals. In 1927, another worthy candidate was found to represent the island province. Her name: Elvira Manalo of Puerto Princesa.

 Like most Carnival beauties, Elvira came from a prominent political clan. Her father, Anastacio Manalo served as Governor of the province from 1922-1925. Anastacio was a prolific builder; he constructed the present wharf of the capital city and, under his tenure, northern and southern roads leading to Iwahig Penal Colony were laid out. The Capitol Building near the wharf was also attributed to his administration.

 Elvira, however, failed to take home the crown that her compatriot had won two years before; an Escolarina co-ed representing Manila—Luisa Marasigan—emerged victorious. Thus, Trinidad Fernandez remains the only Palaweña winner in the 31-year history of the Carnival Queen contest.

 After the pageant, Elvira Manalo, became Mrs. Maslog.

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