Tuesday, May 22, 2012

214. Carnival Beauties: LEONOR BUSTAMANTE, 1927 Miss Cavite

CAVITE'S CHARMER. Leonor Bustamante, the first Miss Cavite, competed in the 1927 Manila Carnival search for the second Miss Philippines.

The province of Cavite was another staunch supporter of the Manila Carnival undertakings, contributing its own commercial, agricultural and industrial exhibits for the fair. It also held its own Carnival versions--and at least one petit carnival, held in Imus, was organized in the mid 20s. In the 2nd National Beauty Contest of the national fair, Cavite sent the winsome 16 year old Leonor Bustamante as its official delegate, the first known Miss Cavite. Miss Philippines for that year went to Luisa Marasigan, who came in as Miss Manila.


bryantpark said...

Hi Alex,

Wow! Leonor Bustamante happens to be my grandmother and quite surprised to see her here. Sadly, our family doesn't have any information or photos prior to her marrying my grandfather and moving to Negros Occ. I'm wondering if you probably might have more information or photos of her while she was still in Cavite. We likewise have lost our ties with our relatives on her side. All we know is that her family's from Naic, Cavite. Any information of leads would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.


Alex D.R. Castro said...

Hi Richard, Many thanks, but information about your lovely Lola is so scant.All i know is that she went to a beauty/cosmetic school in Manila, in the 1930s.Can your relatives piece a biographical sketch of her?

bryantpark said...

Hi Alex. Many thanks for the reply. I'll probably have to ask around. Unfortunately though, there aren't too many that are still around. About the only thing my generation knows is that she was Miss Cavite. She eventually married my grandfather, who's a Jison from Silay City. I'll try to get back to you in case I find anything. Thanks a lot for featuring my lola.

Unknown said...

Hi Alex,
My grandmother was a Miss Imus, during carnival queen days. I can't find anything on the history of Miss Imus circa 1910-1915. People from Imus remember her. Her name was Marceline Matro. I hope you can help me find something. Thanks for your time.

Lori Clark

Sonia said...

Hi Richard, your grandmother happens to be my husband's great aunt. My mother in law's maiden name was Felisa Bustamante Poblete. Your grandmother's portrait has been displayed in my husband's house as long as he can remember. Unfortunately, their house was demolished a couple of years ago and he does not know what happened to all their belongings left when they migrated to USA. Do you know any of your grandmother's siblings and relatives in Naic, Cavite?

bryantpark said...

Hi Sonia. Great to hear that your husband is my grandmother's nephew. So that would make him my uncle and you my aunt :) From my memory, I know my grandmother had three sibling but I only know them by their nicknames. They are Lolo Lading who moved to the US when I was very young. That was sometime in the 70's. We recently got in touch with one of his sons (my uncle), Harris Bustamante, when he and his wife visited from the US last year and they dropped by Negros to touch base with some relatives in Bacolod and Silay. I believe they're based in CA. I wasn't able to meet them though because I'm based in Manila. I only found out through my brother in Silay. Another sibling is Lola Asyon who lived in Pasay/Buendia. We used to visit her quite often when my mom was still alive. Lastly, Lolo Dedong. He passed away in Silay, Negros Occ. sometime in the mid-80's and buried in our family's mausoleum in Silay. Would love to hear more from you in case you get to read this. Regards.

Sonia said...

Hi Richard. I'm Sonia's husband and you can call me Tito. My grandmother name was Magdalena Bustamante and I could sense that she"s either your grandmother's sister or first cousin. I knew and met your Lolo Dedong (if he was the one in my mind). My mother called him Kuya. From my memory back in the 1960's through before we move to California USA in 1973, he often visited my mother in Naic usually during our town fiesta. My mother passed away in 2006 at age 86. How old do you think is your Lolo Dedong if he's still living now? Also, my mother used to tell me that she has relatives (Bustamante side) in Los Angeles, California but didn't get the information before she died. Maybe those are the relatives from your Lolo Lading's side. Would you be able to provide me more information? If you can and have a Facebook account, search for "Tito Val" and send your message. Best Regards.