Sunday, April 8, 2012

208. Carnival Beauties: REMEDIOS RAMA, 1929 Miss Philippines Candidate

CEBUAN-o-RAMA AT THE CARNIVAL. U.P. coed Remedios Rama in her official picture as the candidate of Daily Bulletin to the 1929 Miss Philippines search, won by schoolmate Pacita de los Reyes.

Remedios Rama comes from the well-known Rama family of politicians and writers of Cebu, Cebu. A direct relative, Vicente Rama, "the father of Cebu City", was a senator, assemblyman and a mayor of Cebu during the Commonwealth years.

Remedios was a student at the College of Education, University of the Philippines when she was prevailed upon by the Daily Bulletin to be their official candidate to the Miss Philippines queenship of the 1929 Manila Carnival, a title won by her schoolmate and law student, Pacita de los Reyes.

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