Tuesday, February 11, 2014

275. Carnival Beauties: MAGDA I, Queen of the 1928 Pasay Carnival

QUEEN MAGDALENA I. 1928 Pasay Carnival

Pasay was one of the 4 original cities of Manila. Due to its proximity and strategic location to Manila, it enjoyed brisk economic and commercial growth during the American Occupation. Spurred by the petit fairs held everywhere in the big city of Manila, Pasay launched its own Pasay Carnival on December 1928, with Queen Magda I, reigning as royalty at the fair.


rfm said...

Hi Alex,

This was my great-grandaunt, Magdalena Fernandez Fortich vda. de Del Prado. She was 18 at that time. Thank you for including her in your blog. Would it be possible for me to have a clear copy of this photo? I'd like to add this in my archive of family photos.Thank you in advance!


Unknown said...

Where was this exactly located Before? Ano na po siya ngayon?