Tuesday, October 22, 2013


CARMEN OF CAPIZ. The Queen of the 1924  Capiz Petit Carnival and her royal retinue, pose during the coronation night that duplicated the festive air of the national carnival in Manila.

Not to be outdone, the province of Capiz held its own carnival with opulence and gaiety that rivalled that of the capital city. It was a fortuitous event as their native son, Representative Manuel A. Roxas had, by 1921, married Trinidad de Leon, herself, a former Manila Carnival Queen. Roxas's political stature would soon rise, becoming a Speaker of the House for 12 consecutive years, and eventually elected as the country's fifth President.

The 1924 Capiz Petit Carnival had a certain Carmen I as Queen. There was to be another Capiz Carnival the next year, held on December of 1925. The next year, Capiz sent its first representative to the 1st National Beauty Contest of the Manila Carnival, in the person of Rosario Picazo.

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thepowerofapparel said...

This website is a real gem for Filipinos wearing proper formal dress. These events were at night, so Filipinos wore their best. Who is that man in the middle wearing White Tie with a riband and has a medal? The others wear Black Tie with a riband (which is only meant for White Tie)