Wednesday, September 25, 2013

259. Carnival Wedding: LIM-DEVLIN NUPTIALS

A EURASIAN MATCH. Rosalina Cispon Lim, Miss Luzon 1932, with her new husband Claude Martinez Devlin, at their 1934 wedding. Rosalina has Chinese-Filipina-Spanish-Portuguese bollod courtesy of her parents, while Claude is of British-Scottish-Filipino extract.

Miss Luzon of 1932, Rosalina Cispon Lim came from a multi-cultural background; his father a Chinese mestiza and her mother of Portuguese-Pangasinense descent. She went further by marrying half-British, half-Filipino Claude Devlin Martinez, just a year or so after her reign.
The couple briefly settled in London for some 15 years before returning to the Philippines. Rosalina and Claude had an only daughter, Tita Martinez Sicat, a Ph.D. holder and a U.P. professor.

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