Tuesday, December 25, 2012

235. Carnival Beauties: ROSIE MCGUIRE, 1927 Miss Samar

SAMAR'S SWEETHEART. Rosie McGuire, the first and only known Miss samar to represent her island province at the 1927 edition of the Manila Carnival.

The American Mcguires settled in Borongan, Eastern Samar and the lovely Rosie McGuire could very well be from this landed family. Don James McGuire was a prominent citizen of the place, and his magnificent McGuire Bldg., built in 1931, still stands restored in Borongan. A McGuire St. can be found in this town, (now a city, and capital of the province). Other than that, not much is known about this fair mestiza beauty, the only known Miss Samar to grace the carnival of Manila where Manila's Luisa Marasigan triumphed as Miss Philippines of 1927.

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